Easy Keyword Research

Are you working with keyword research? Right.

You may not be doing keyword research. But a new system will change the scene.

Usually keyword tools work like this:

You give them a seed keyword. The tool goes out and finds related words. You wait for the tool to do it’s thing

Then you select the keywords you are interested in and now more work to analyse the SEO & PPC rivalry or other work to check out the keywords.

You manually look at the competitive landscape.

And hopefully you may flounder upon a good keyword or two that are usable.

BUT what could be better that doing all this work.

Introducing IMeye this is a revolutionary new product that will help you find profitable markets and niches researching keywords in a smart way not relying on accidental finds.

IMeye is not like spy tools such as Keywordspy or Spyfu.

IMeye uses a special way of gathering the BEST keyword and doing all the research & analysis and doing this before you start searching then the keywords are stored in a huge database.

With IMEye you don’t find the keywords they find you.

  • No keyword seed
  • No wading through 80-90% of garbage keywords
  • No need to filter out the expensive PPC keywords
  • Won’t show keywords that are too competitive
  • Just ask IMEye and it delivers instantly

Some of the data that IMeye stores for keyword phrases is: Number of searches, competing pages in Google, intitle pages in Google and number of words in the keyword phrase.

And that is only a small start since there is so much more to IMeye that you can find in this useful tool. If I went on and explained more about IMeye then this article would become a novel.

For you to discover more and start making correct decisions about keywords and your SEO & PPC’s please visit: IMeye for all the details.

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