Use Forums to Get Good Quality Links

Using forums for good links

In contrast to what the popular media would most likely want you to you suppose, many people have already been having conversations on the web before the development of Facebook.

You’ll find the most common practices of conversation and one that is certainly thriving now is the ‘forum’. Forums are fundamentally discussion boards where individuals could start off a ‘thread’ and other people add to it, or perhaps simply just start a big argument about the topic at hand. Simply because of the considerable range of subjects in the world and the particular massive amount of people today with access to the World wide web, generally there is an almost limitless number of forums which you can end up being a member of, some being more common than others.

Boards could be tremendously helpful to the search engine marketing for the reason that they could accomplish not one but two tasks in the mission. Firstly, they can certainly be a tremendous place to obtain back links from(and back links help our SEO ranking) and subsequently, due to sociable discussion one can certainly doubtless find brand new leads and also new clients.

Yet including hyperlinks to your forum messages can be typically a major’no’ within quite a few boards, so a lot not unlike social networking, you need to often be a little tad cunning concerning it.

One area of the site that a lot of boards get in common can be the ‘signature’. This is the portion of code that gets included with every single post you’re making and in many cases you can still include hyperlinks to it. A word of warning though – a few boards frown on including signatures ahead of time and it’s really worth taking part in the community forum initially and getting a little bit of a name for yourself prior to adding any. In fact, a number of boards enforce a rule where you will need to have posted a specific amount of responses before they’ll allow you to put some kind of signature to your content.

What you need to give some thought to will be that when you’re taking part in almost any forum, you might be essentially a visitor on their system and if you do something which goes against their particular regulations or even ethics, they are quite inside their own rights to remove you from the forum. There is certainly also something more important to look for- the ‘no-follow’ tag.

The Internet world of boards is certainly separated pretty much consistently between folks that adore site visitors and their hyperlinks, and those who do not. It’s a chicken and egg thing simply because individuals who would actively support you to place shortcuts on their websites will end up obtaining a great deal of guests and thus a good amount of backlinks themselves – improving recognition, but some people would also get an awful lot of junk.

Although individuals who can’t stand anyone leaving back links, or perhaps just make it really hard to do so will lose out on a lot of traffic. At the end of the day, it really depends on the subject of the site and whether it’s monetised in any way. Some of those that don’t like you leaving links will sometimes give each link an attribute that was introduced only a few years ago, the ‘nofollow’.

By adding the nofollow attribute to a link, it informs the spiders that it shouldn’t be followed and shouldn’t get ‘link juice’.

Now, many SEO experts disagree as to whether this actually means a link using ‘nofollow’ is completely pointless and some will show evidence that shows that it does actually make a difference and shouldn’t be discounted completely, however most will agree that if you’re going to look for links, make more of an effort on those that don’t use this attribute.

So now we just need to find out how to discover whether it’s nofollow or not and luckily it’s easy, you see the source of the page that you’re viewing will give the game away. If you’re using either Internet Explorer or Firefox this is easy, simply click on the ‘menu’ item and choose ‘view source’. You’ll be presented with what may look like a bunch of scary code but all you need to do is hit ‘ctrl-F’ to bring up the ‘find’ command and do a search for one of the links on the page. Then, simply look for ‘rel=nofollow’. If you find it and you’re just looking for links then you can move on, but if you want to stick around because you’re interested in the subject – check it out a bit deeper.

You see, it’s really not worth being too picky about these sites because those who don’t allow links probably have a greater value. They are less likely to be full of spam and therefore worth more in general social networking. Also, it could be that they allow links after you’ve given a bit back to the community.

So there you go, this link building lark isn’t as clean-cut and easy to quantify as many would have you think, but it is worth investigating and you could potentially get yourself not only some decent links to affect your rankings, but you may make a lot of worthwhile connections.

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