WordPress Blogs by the Dozen

The concept of blogging is nothing new.  Many people own and operate a blog that they use for either business or person al use.  Some people blog as part of their exterior job, some blog as part of their own business, some blog as a way of making money online, and some blog purely for personal purposes.  Sometimes peoples interests grow and the break away other reasons they would like to blog, but these reasons may not fit into the theme or niche of their current blog.  There is no law against the number of blogs that person?can own and operate, so though it doesn’t occur to a lot of people, the easiest solution is to start another blog.

The main danger of owning and managing more than one blog is the pitfall of spreading time to thin so that each blog is not updated as regularly as it should be.  by?from that, there are a number of benefits that one can capitalize on if they operate multiple blogs.

When running multiple blogs, the process of getting back links is made somewhat easier because these blogs can be interlinked to eachother.  This works expecially well if the blogs have issue that is related to eachother.

If someone is blogging as a way to be self employed or to earn some spare money, as long as time allows then multiple blogs can increase the earning potential of those blogs.  This can be accomplished through a number of online money making ideas like the selling of links, doing paid blog posting, using an anno Domini web like Google’s Adsense, or selling products through an affiliate relationship like Amazon.

From link building benefits to improved or multiplied streams of money making, running multiple blogs is commonly a avid move for any full time or part time blogger.  As long as time allow for the added time needed for development, marketing, and updating, then the income possibilities should rise with each new added blog to a person’s network.

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