What is Linkbuilding?

When one website links to another, a one way backlink is formed from the initial site to the newly linked site. Search engines rate these links based on many factors:

  • Anchor text used for the link
  • The quality of site giving the link
  • How closely related the site giving the link is to your niche

In simple terms, a backlink counts as a vote for your site, from the site giving the link.

As a website grows in age, content, and quality backlinks, your site is assigned a PageRank which is used by Google to determine how important a single site is among all the websites on the internet. Since approx 70%+ of all search engine traffic comes from them, increasing your ranking in Google might be the most important step you take in improving your online business.

Just as links from high ranking related websites will increase your web presence, bad links can ruin a website’s ranking and even result in being permanently banned. As search engine optimization has grown in recent years, many people who claim to be experts have taken advantage of customers by using submission software to quickly get 100, 1,000, or even 1,000,000 backlinks almost instantly for their clients. Most of these services submit the customers information 1 time, without variation, to the same web directories as every client before them. Over time search engines ban these directories and the site will be ranked far lower than sites that use premium linkbuilding techniques because of these negative links.


A linkbuilding program should grow at a steady pace over time. Adding quality links on a weekly basis will result in natural long term search engine traffic. If a site gets to many backlinks to quickly, especially from low grade links, the search engines may suspend or ban a website under the suspision that something isnt right. It can be hard enough to rank well for difficult keywords, but ranking well after a search engine ban can take years or more.

Seo Florida can get your website the highest quality niche targeted backlinks from many sources including:

  • Social Media Websites
  • Personal/Business Directories
  • Article Submission Sites
  • Popular Blogs
  • Forums
  • and more

Every link we create comes from PR3 or higher DoFollow websites. They also include multiple uses of anchor text and deeplinking techniques for maximum results. Each site will receive between 20 – 30 backlinks per week. These links are guaranteed to be delivered in the time frame agreed on or we’ll give you 1,000 targeted visitors via PPC for free and still complete the project as soon as possible.

Seo Florida offers top level linkbuilding packages for businesses and individuals for much less than most high end Seo firms. We are located in Central Florida and offer great discounts to Florida businesses, but also accept clients from all over the United States. If you’re ready to increase your website’s internet presence, increase traffic and most importantly increase sales, SeoFlorida can help. Please visit the banner below for invidual backlinking packages.

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